Dread Bouncer Michael

Not only does Michael 8 have style, but he has skills too. It takes a guy with self control as well as fighting skills to handle the tough crowds at the pubs when they start getting rowdy. What is his motivation? Where does he work? Is he just moonlighting as a bouncer until his action…


Martial Arts Master Martin

Martin has trained almost all of his life to get where he is today. A prodigy from an early age, he quickly rose through the ranks in his chosen art form. Then he mastered another, and another, and another. Somehow this young man has become a master of every martial arts known throughout the world!…


Mystery Man Marcos

No one is really sure where (or perhaps even when) Marcos is from. With the tanned complexion of someone from the Mediterranean, the long blonde locks of the Northern people and the fashion of the Orient, he leaves people a bit intrigued. Not much is known about Marcos as he is not even sure himself,…


Got It Made Manu

Manu has it made in the shade. While a lot of other people are stuck working in their offices all day, Manu is just sipping Mai Tais at a beach front cafe. All he needs is his laptop and a webcam to record, edit and upload another hit video for his popular streaming video channel….


Sky Lord Lucas

Lucas is just your run of the mill, God among men, type individual. As one of the children of the Sky King, he is known as a Sky Lord. He has powers far beyond the those of us mere humans. Is he insufferably proud about this? Or is he a more down to earth being?…


Farmer Mage Lewis

Folks all around agree that Farmer Lewis has the tastiest fruits and vegetables by far. However, it takes more than some lucky charms or trinkets to make his produce magically delicious, it takes real magic! He uses his knowledge of the arcane arts passed down from many generations of mage farmers before him. Is there…


Thirteen Ghouls Of Halloween 2021 Night 13

For the final night of Thirteen Ghouls of Halloween, best beware this power couple’s embrace. They are both more than happy to invite you over to their castle for dinner, with you as the main drink! Although, I doubt their thirst will be so easily satiated. Be sure to show up on time though, otherwise…


Glad Man Leroy

This here’s glad, man, Leroy 8. Happiest man in the whole darn state. Happy just to whistle a song, glad that he’s on his vacation! (To the tune of Bad, bad, Leroy Brown). Leroy has finally gotten around to taking the vacation that he’s always dreamed about. He’s got his favorite shirt, shorts, hat, and…


Kaleb Village Champion

Kaleb was last scene fighting in the wrestling ring against Tianna Flame. Now Kaleb is fighting for his village, trying to protect it from any force that means it harm. Will he be protecting it from ravenous tribes of goblins and orcs? How about defending the village from one of them there fire-breathing dragon types?…


Thirteen Ghouls Of Halloween 2021 Night 9

On the ninth night of Thirteen Ghouls of Halloween, the next terror has been mistakenly unleashed from his tomb. After having been lost for millennia, his tomb was recently found and ransacked by thieves. Now he is on the hunt to find his stolen possessions and make those who trespassed pay!     Tonight’s undead…