Here is a listing of each of the Genesis 8 Male related characters/actors/creatures that Rendory has purchased from Daz3D. If you see a character you would like to use in a commissioned image, please use the Contact Us link.

Toon Hero for Genesis 8 Male Mr Woo 8 Chen HD for Mr Woo 8
Gui HD for Mr Woo 8 Ancient Anubis for Genesis 8 Male Muelsfell Clay Golem HD for the Genesis 8 Male
Ryker HD for Vladimir 8 Walker HD for Vladimir 8 Vladimir 8
Mr Rubble HD for Brute 8 FWSA Martin HD for Michael 8 Finn for Edward 8
Edward 8 HD Add-On Edward 8 Kaleb for Edward 8
Snowman HD for Genesis 8 Male HFS Ultimate Shapes for Genesis 8 Male Werwulf for Genesis 8 Male(s)
Lucas 8 Milo for Lucas 8 FWSA Gunner HD for Lucas 8
Orc Brute for Genesis 8 Male Old Chap for Genesis 3 and 8 Male Michael 8
Genesis 8 Male Body Morphs Genesis 8 Male Head Morphs FWSA Zander HD for Michael 8
FW Quinton HD for Michael 8