Sudowrite Story Comparison Kaleb Kryptoknight vs Tianna Flame

Okay, finally got around to actually trying Sudowrite for myself. I wasn’t sure at first if I was even going to be able to input the same phrasing as I had for each of the large language models I tried previously.


I started a new project and used the “Generate a First Draft” link. With that I was able to copy and paste the same command into the window provided. Here is the same prompt used before:

“Please write an epic wrestling match between a male wrestler known as Kaleb KryptoKnight and a female wrestler named Tianna Flame. Have two ringside announcers introduce the two wrestlers and continue commenting on the wrestling match. Be very descriptive about their ring entrance, their physical description and the combat moves.”


Here is the output from Sudowrite:

Ring Announcer 1: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the biggest wrestling match of the year! In this corner, hailing from parts unknown, The KryptoKnight, Kaleb!

Standing at 6’5” tall and weighing in at over 250 pounds of pure muscle, Kaleb KryptoKnight walks out from the entrance fully decked out in a full-body suit with flashing LED lights in a variety of colours. His face is covered with a black mask that hides his features but the eyes of the mask glow a neon blue. The entrance music is a booming heavy metal track that sends vibrations throughout the arena. As Kaleb makes his way down to the ring, he soaks in the cheers of the crowd and pumped to show the world what he can do. When he steps on the ring, he takes a bow and looks to the crowd with a smirk before raising his arms to the sky and creating a burst of electricity that causes the crowd to erupt in cheers.

Ring Announcer 2: And in the other corner, from the city of angels, Tianna Flame!

The audience goes wild as Tianna Flame makes her way to the ring. She is wearing a full-body red suit with golden flames licking the edges. Her long black hair is flowing in the air and her face is covered with a white mask that has a flame design in the middle of it. She is carrying a blazing torch in her left hand as she strides down the entrance ramp. Her entrance music is a mix of metal and hip-hop beats and the crowd is erupting with each step she takes. As Tianna steps into the ring, she raises her torch to the sky, creating flames that shoot up into the air and land on the middle of the ring. The crowd cheers in amazement at the show she is putting on.

Ring Announcer 1: This looks like a match you don’t want to miss. Kaleb KryptoKnight versus Tianna Flame. Let’s get ready to rumble!

Kaleb and Tianna stand in the middle of the ring and size each other up. Both wrestlers are looking confident and ready to fight. Kaleb takes the first move, running towards Tianna and delivering a clothesline that sends her to the ground. But Tianna quickly recovers, rolls back and delivers an uppercut to Kaleb’s stomach. Kaleb stumbles back and Tianna immediately follows up with a dropkick that sends him flat on his back. Kaleb gets up and tries to retaliate with a punch, but Tianna dodges it and hits him with a spinning kick to the face. Kaleb falls back again and as he tries to get up, Tianna delivers a flurry of punches and kicks that keep him down.

Ring Announcer 2: Wow! Look at Tianna go! She is dominating this match with her quick and powerful strikes.

Kaleb finally manages to get up and fights back with a barrage of his own punches and kicks. Kaleb’s offense is more aggressive and powerful, but Tianna is quick to counter and dodge and soon she has Kaleb on the ropes. Kaleb tries to fight back, but Tianna is too fast and too strong, and soon she has Kaleb pinned in the corner. She delivers a few more strikes as Kaleb desperately tries to get out of the corner. Finally, after a few more punches and kicks, Kaleb is able to break free and deliver a devastating clothesline that sends Tianna to the ground.

Ring Announcer 1: Kaleb has finally managed to turn the match around and now he is in control. Can he finish this match with a win?

Kaleb picks up Tianna and delivers a series of suplexes that send her crashing to the ground. He follows up with a powerbomb and then a spinebuster that further weakens Tianna. Kaleb then locks in a sleeper hold and Tianna is unable to get out of it. After a few seconds, Tianna finally passes out and Kaleb is declared the winner.

Ring Announcer 2: And that’s it folks! Kaleb KryptoKnight is the winner of this epic match. What a performance from both wrestlers, they put on a show that will be remembered for years to come.


Let’s just say that I am happy with the response. One of the especially nice things is that it wrote 704 words all in one go without any additional “continue the response” prompts. It was also really fast with the output speed. Much quicker than I can read (not that I’m a fast reader by any means).

Another feature that is available, but I did NOT use for this test, is the ability to store information about the characters and input details for them such as personality, physical appearance, clothing, accessories etc.

Stay tuned for the next post where I will test Sudowrite again with another wrestling match between Phoenix and Stargazer. That way you can see how it compares with this test and prior versions of their battle using the various LLMs.


Notes 1: Article contains affiliate links to Sudowrite.


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