Welcome to Rendory.com!

Here you can find free artwork to use for your game or visual novel. Sometimes there might even be some useful tips. Also available for commission work, just use the contact form and drop me a line.


The “artiste” of Rendory is from the Pacific Northwest United States, however, his heart belongs in Thailand. Sadly, he hasn’t been able to get back there since March of 2020 for some reason.


Is it:

A) Lack of funds?

B) Fear of flying?

C) A global issue interfering with travel?

D) All of the above?


Take a guess, you might be correct.


While you probably cannot help with either B or C, I’m more than happy if you would like to help out with problem A above. Please consider joining the “Bare Minimum” membership as it is only $12/year and gives access to additional content. Alternatively/in addition, please consider looking at the Cryptocurrency pages. You can help me out while helping yourself out as well 😉


Either way, enjoy the site. Hope you like the content 🙂 !