Sudowrite Story Comparison Phoenix vs Stargazer

Here is another test of Sudowrite to see how well it writes the story for a given prompt AND to see if the quality is consistent. Will it output 704 words again on the first try? Or will it only write a few hundred? (Of note, prior to inputting the prompt, I still had 2049 words out of 4000 left in my trial.)


I started a new project and used the “Generate a First Draft” link. With that I was able to copy and paste the same command into the window provided. Here is the same prompt used before:

“Please write an epic wrestling match between a female wrestler known as Phoenix and a female wrestler named Stargazer. Have two ringside announcers introduce the two wrestlers and continue commenting on the wrestling match. Be very descriptive about their ring entrance, their physical description and the combat moves.”


Here is the output from Sudowrite:

The Stadium was filled with an unbridled energy as the lights dimmed and the crowd roared in anticipation. The ring announcers took their place in the center of the ring and announced:

“Introducing first, the fiery, the ferocious, the fan favourite, Phoenix!”

The crowd erupted with excitement as the lights illuminated the entrance ramp to welcome the fiery Phoenix. She stepped out in her signature red and yellow costume and made a dramatic entrance. Her long black hair was tied in a bun and she had two long horns protruding from the sides of her head. She carried a flaming torch in her hand and her presence oozed with fiery energy.

She stepped into the ring and dropped her torch to the floor. She then struck a powerful fighting stance and the crowd erupted with deafening cheers.

“And now, introducing her opponent, the powerful, the mighty, the unstoppable Stargazer!”

The crowd erupted once again as a mysterious figure stepped out onto the entrance ramp. She was clad in a shiny silver costume and had a glowing aura surrounding her. Her long blonde hair was flowing behind her and her eyes were a deep, icy blue.

She walked up to the ring and leaped onto the apron. She then pulled herself over the top rope and onto the canvas. She stood in the center of the ring and the crowd exploded with excitement.

The two wrestlers circled each other, their eyes locked in a fierce stare. The crowd was on the edge of their seats as the two competitors moved in for the clinch.

Phoenix drove her shoulder into Stargazer’s midsection, pushing her back into the corner. She followed up with a flurry of punches and kicks, pummeling her opponent relentlessly. Stargazer managed to block some of the blows, but Phoenix was too quick and powerful.

Stargazer responded with a furious flurry of her own, connecting with a series of kicks and punches that sent Phoenix staggering backwards. The crowd was on their feet, cheering on the two combatants as they continued to trade blows.

Phoenix then took a step back and launched herself towards Stargazer, connecting with a powerful clothesline that sent her crashing to the canvas. Phoenix followed up with a vicious elbow drop that connected with Stargazer’s chest and left her gasping for air.

Stargazer finally managed to roll out of the ring and regrouped on the outside. She then climbed back into the ring and launched herself at Phoenix with a huge dropkick that sent her sprawling across the canvas.

Stargazer then wrapped her arms around Phoenix’s waist and locked in a tight bearhug. Phoenix was struggling to break free, but Stargazer was too strong and held the hold for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally, Phoenix managed to slip out of the hold and counter with a powerful forearm smash that sent Stargazer reeling backwards. Phoenix then charged forward and connected with a devastating clothesline that sent Stargazer crashing to the canvas.

The crowd was going wild as the two wrestlers continued to exchange blows. Finally, Phoenix managed to grab hold of Stargazer and locked in a tight chokehold. Stargazer struggled to break free, but Phoenix held the hold until Stargazer eventually tapped out.

The ring announcer declared Phoenix the winner and the crowd erupted in applause. Phoenix had emerged victorious, and the fans were ecstatic.

Phoenix had not only defeated a formidable opponent, but she had also brought the crowd to its feet with her electrifying performance. The spirit of Phoenix was alive and well in the stadium that night, and the fans left with a feeling of triumph.


Okay, so overall, I’d say that Sudowrite is fairly consistent with it’s writing. The first draft came out to 604 words. However, it did not have the announcers providing commentary like it did in the match between Kaleb and Tianna. That can be added later, of course, as this is just a quick test and a first draft.



Notes 1: Article contains affiliate links to Sudowrite.


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