Genesis 3 Female: Madelyn

Need a cute Elf, Sprite, Pixie, or Faerie for your project? Madelyn for Izabella 7 may fill your need. She comes with a complete skin texture, Natural Face Texture, 14 everyday makeups, 2 fantasy type makeups, 7 gorgeous eyes, 2 fantasy eyes, Natural lips, 7 glossy makeup ready lips, 4 lash options, and that’s just […]

Genesis 3 Female: Izabella 7

This is Izabella 7, one of the newer main female figures created for the Genesis 3 Female from Daz3d. She comes with ear morphs to make her into a pixie, elf or Vulcan.   These images are free for you to use for your own character images, games, media, etc. Clothing worn is the Frosty […]

Introducing Alyestra

This is Alyestra. She was created as a wild elf (sometimes known as Grugach) druid from the deep forest region. [Show thumbnails] However, she could easily fit into your sci-fi scenes as an alien explorer. [Show thumbnails] Or perhaps your world is just full of people with elongated pointed ears. [Show thumbnails] These images are […]