Merry Christmas 2021

  Wishing all of our readers who celebrate the holiday, a very Merry Christmas!   The image above is a little preview of a new project that is being worked on. Had hoped to have it ready to go by Christmas, but will be a little delayed.   Thanks to all for your support and…


Giada One Cool Kitty

Leaping onto the scene is Giada in her cat themed hoodie. When she isn’t running around as a parkour instructor, she is chasing criminals up the wall as a crime fighter! She is ready to pounce on any villain she meets. At least that is how she envisions herself. She is much more likely to…


Martial Arts Master Martin

Martin has trained almost all of his life to get where he is today. A prodigy from an early age, he quickly rose through the ranks in his chosen art form. Then he mastered another, and another, and another. Somehow this young man has become a master of every martial arts known throughout the world!…


Country Magic Gia

Sometimes just one mage isn’t enough on their own no matter how powerful they are. When Farmer Mage Lewis needs a bit of extra help he can call upon Gia to aid him. Country girl Gia also practices the arcane arts. Her specialty tends to focus more on making sure her livestock is the finest…


Mystery Man Marcos

No one is really sure where (or perhaps even when) Marcos is from. With the tanned complexion of someone from the Mediterranean, the long blonde locks of the Northern people and the fashion of the Orient, he leaves people a bit intrigued. Not much is known about Marcos as he is not even sure himself,…


Ellithia Getting Married

Today may just be one of Ellithia’s most memorable days ever. She has been a big fan of Bollywood cinema and is getting married in a beautiful Bollywood-style wedding dress. Now, of course, the question will be, “Just why was it so memorable?”. Was it the most perfect wedding ever? Did she get cold feet…


Got It Made Manu

Manu has it made in the shade. While a lot of other people are stuck working in their offices all day, Manu is just sipping Mai Tais at a beach front cafe. All he needs is his laptop and a webcam to record, edit and upload another hit video for his popular streaming video channel….


Fairy Fashionable Elizabeth

If you go out in the woods today, you may be in for a big surprise! You might catch a glimpse of the forest fairy Elizabeth frolicking amongst the trees. Be careful though as she is easy to spook and she might just use her magic to escape. This usually involves fairy dust that will…


Sky Lord Lucas

Lucas is just your run of the mill, God among men, type individual. As one of the children of the Sky King, he is known as a Sky Lord. He has powers far beyond the those of us mere humans. Is he insufferably proud about this? Or is he a more down to earth being?…


Edith Sentinel Of The Desert Realm

Perched atop a rocky out cropping or from a fortress battlement, Edith watches patiently for any who may need her aid. Bandits and brigands beware, for her aim is true and if you go making trouble in her desert, you will learn that too. Create your own scenarios to have Edith saving the day in…