Sinister Side Of Botan

Botan is out enjoying a nice day dressed in her favorite skinny jeans, t-shirt, and blazer. It seems like a good day for her… that is… until the black spots start to appear on her forehead. Is she infected with some new disease? Maybe some new nano-technology? Or, is it a sign she is possessed…


Elios8 aka Mr Chill

Elios is one laid back dude. He is ready to be chill at any event. His future is so bright, he’s gotta wear shades… Or is it? Maybe things have been going way to easy for Elios all his life? Maybe it is time to mix it up a bit and throw some chaos his…


Bex Swashbuckling Adventurer

Bex is all ready for a life of adventure and becoming a swashbuckling legend. With dual rapiers, she is ready for any duel! Who will she be fighting? Who or what will she have to overcome? It is up to you to decide when you add this young adventurer to your Visual Novel or game….


Kaleb Kryptoknight vs Tianna Flame

In today’s post, we have more renders of a couple of genesis 8 characters wrestling each other, using the Wrestling Poses for Genesis 8 set from the vendor atrilliongames. This time it is a mixed wrestling match between Genesis 8 Male character Kaleb for Edward 8 and the Genesis 8 Female character Tiana for Monique…


Edward The Traveler

Edward is a man running out of time, possibly quite literally. Is he from the future? From the past? Or is he a traveler from another dimension or multiverse? It is up to you to decide his past and his possible future(s) when you add him to your own Visual Novel or game. This character…


Aureska Alien Tourist

As a citizen of the Intergalactic Elven Empire, Aureska has just arrived at a small blue planet on the ship under Commander Drannor’s command. While the Commander is off playing golf, she is out and about exploring one of the cities. Is she out searching for souvenirs? Looking for a bite to eat? Trying to…


Edan Modern Romeo

Edan fancies himself as a modern day Romeo. He is dressed up and ready to go out for a night on the town and melt the heart of whomever he sets his sights on. Just be careful as he has a bit of a temper. What type of adventure will you have for Edan in…


Absent Minded Audrey

Audrey is ready to go out and do something today, she just seems to have forgotten what that was… Was she going out to tend her garden? Perhaps a quick trip to the convenience store? Oh what was it she was going to do today? Help her decide in your own Visual Novel or game….


Commander Drannor

Drannor is the commander of one of the many, many, space cruisers found throughout the Intergalactic Elven Empire. He is getting ready to take a long deserved(?) break on a small blue planet where some of the population attempt to hit small pockmarked balls into a hole using metal clubs. Now that he is dressed…


Amatista Just Chillin

Amatista is just hanging out, chillin in her blouse and skirt, having a moment of peace and quiet after a long week. Of course, now you’re probably going to throw her in some crazy situation inside your Visual Novel and totally mess with her aren’t you!? Some people! This character is Amatista HD for Ellithia…