Ai Story Comparison Kaleb Kryptoknight vs Tianna Flame

WOW, just WOW!!! It seems like everyday another new A.I. large language model is coming out. So many to choose from! So lets take a look at several of them and their output for a story.

Here are the LLMs that were tested: Vicuna 13B, Koala 13B, Alpaca 13B, ChatGLM 6B, LLaMa 13B and Dolly V2 12B. You can try them out yourself here.


I decided to write a story about the epic battle between Kaleb Kryptoknight and Tianna Flame. This is the prompt I used with each model:

“Please write an epic wrestling match between a male wrestler known as Kaleb KryptoKnight and a female wrestler named Tianna Flame. Have two ringside announcers introduce the two wrestlers and continue commenting on the wrestling match. Be very descriptive about their ring entrance, their physical description and the combat moves.”


Vicuna 13B

Announcer 1: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the ring for a special edition of the Kryptek Championship! Coming to us from the frozen tundra of Alaska, we have Kaleb KryptoKnight, the beast from the north! Standing at 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing in at 240 pounds, Kaleb is a force to be reckoned with in the squared circle. With his rugged good looks and chiseled physique, Kaleb is sure to catch the eye of the ladies in the crowd. And when he’s not busy crushing his opponents, he can be found exploring the great outdoors, or maybe even battling a dragon or two. Give it up for Kaleb KryptoKnight!”

Announcer 2: “And now, from the sultry south, we have Tianna Flame, the woman they call the Phoenix! Standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing in at 140 pounds, Tianna is a firecracker in the ring. With her long, flowing hair and curves in all the right places, Tianna is sure to set the ring on fire with her moves. And when she’s not busy ruling the roost in the squared circle, Tianna can be found sipping margaritas on the beach or maybe even taking on a luchador or two. Give it up for Tianna Flame!”

Announcer 1: “These two wrestlers are no strangers to each other. In fact, they’ve been at odds for months, ever since Kaleb made his debut in the Kryptek Championship. They’ve been locked in a fierce battle for the top spot, and tonight, they finally get to settle their differences in the ring. Who will emerge victorious?”

Announcer 2: “This is going to be a classic matchup, folks. Kaleb is known for his brute strength and Tianna is known for her agility and quickness. It’s going to be a battle of the sexes, a battle of the north vs. the south, and a battle for the ages. Let’s get ready to rumble!”

Kaleb makes his way to the ring, accompanied by a chorus of cheers from the crowd. He enters the ring with a swagger, his muscular frame towering over the crowd. He removes his fur-lined parka and slings it over the ropes, revealing his Kryptek Championship t-shirt and biceps bulging with muscle. He gives a thumbs up to the crowd and a wink to Tianna, who is making her way to the ring.

Tianna Flame enters the ring with a sultry strut, her long black hair flowing behind her. She removes her sunglasses and tosses them to her ringside girl, who catches them with a smile. She gives Kaleb a sly smile and a wink, and the crowd roars in anticipation. She is dressed in a short, tight leather skirt and a black sports bra, showing off her toned legs and abs.

The bell rings and the two wrestlers circle each other, sizing each other up. Kaleb charges at Tianna, but she dodges his attack and lands a quick jab to his gut. Kaleb retaliates with a powerful clothesline, sending Tianna flying to the mat. The crowd cheers as Kaleb goes for the pin, but Tianna kicks out at the last second.

The two wrestlers continue to trade blows, each one landing a devastating move. Kaleb lands a massive uppercut that sends Tianna flying to the outside of the ring, where she lands on her feet and continues the fight. Tianna lands a swift kick to Kaleb’s chest, sending him crashing to the mat. She goes for the pin, but Kaleb kicks out at the last second.

The match continues, with both wrestlers showing incredible strength and agility. Kaleb lands a massive powerbomb on Tianna, sending her crashing to the mat. The crowd roars in approval, but Tianna kicks out at the last second. Tianna retaliates with a high-flying move, sending Kaleb flying to the mat. The crowd cheers as Tianna goes for the pin, but Kaleb kicks out at the last second.

The match continues, with both wrestlers giving it their all. Kaleb lands a massive clothesline that sends Tianna crashing to the mat. The crowd cheers, but Tianna kicks out at the last second. Tianna retaliates with a swift kick to Kaleb’s chest, sending him flying to the outside of the ring. She lands a series of quick jabs and punches, trying to wear down Kaleb.

Kaleb, however, is not one to be underestimated. He charges at Tianna, landing a massive spear that sends her flying to the mat. The crowd cheers as Kaleb goes for the pin, but Tianna kicks out at the last second. The two wrestlers continue to trade blows, each one landing a devastating move.

In the end, it all comes down to who can land the finishing blow. Kaleb charges at Tianna, landing a massive powerslam that sends her crashing to the mat. The crowd roars in approval as Kaleb goes for the pin. Tianna kicks out at the last second, but Kaleb is relentless. He lands a series of powerful punches and a final finishing move, the Kryptek Clutch, to defeat Tianna and emerge as the victor.

The crowd erupts in cheers as Kaleb celebrates his victory. He raises his arms in triumph, basking in the adoration of the crowd. Tianna, meanwhile, gets to her feet and salutes Kaleb, acknowledging his superiority in the ring. The two wrestlers shake hands, respecting each other for their incredible skills and athleticism.

Announcer 1: “And that’s it, folks! Kaleb KryptoKnight has emerged victorious over Tianna Flame in a battle of the sexes. Both wrestlers showed incredible strength and agility, but in the end, it was Kaleb who emerged as the winner. Congratulations to Kaleb on his victory, and thank you to both wrestlers for giving us an unforgettable match.”

Announcer 2: “What a battle it was! Tianna Flame showed that she is a force to be reckoned with, while Kaleb KryptoKnight


It looks like this story would be continued, except I wasn’t able to do more than 3 “continue the response” to keep the story going. Assuming that is a limit imposed by the website.


Koala 13B

Kaleb KryptoKnight and Tianna Flame were two of the most dominant wrestlers in the industry. As they made their way to the ring, the crowd erupted in cheers and boos, eager to see their favorite wrestler. Kaleb KryptoKnight, with his muscular build and rugged good looks, was a force to be reckoned with in the ring. He had a reputation for being a hard-hitting, high-flying wrestler who was not afraid to take risks. Tianna Flame, on the other hand, was a force of nature. She was a powerhouse of a woman, with a physique that could intimidate even the most seasoned of wrestlers. Her moves were precise and calculated, and she was a master of the ring.

As the bell rang, the two wrestlers locked eyes and the battle began. Kaleb KryptoKnight started off strong, using his strength and wrestling skills to overpower Tianna Flame. But Tianna Flame was a formidable opponent, and she quickly countered Kaleb KryptoKnight’s moves with her own. The two wrestlers exchanged blows, each one trying to gain the upper hand.

In the end, Kaleb KryptoKnight’s aggressive style and high-flying moves proved to be too much for Tianna Flame, and he was declared the winner. But Tianna Flame did not go down without a fight, and she put on a show that the crowd would remember for years to come.

As the two wrestlers left the ring, the crowd erupted in cheers and applause. Kaleb KryptoKnight had once again proven that he was the king of the ring, while Tianna Flame had shown that she was a force to be reckoned with. It was a match that would be remembered for years to come, and it was a testament to the power of the human spirit.


Alpaca 13B

Kaleb KryptoKnight entered the ring with a flourish, his cape billowing out behind him as he climbed the turnbuckle and roared for the crowd. Tianna Flame followed closely behind, her long hair flowing in the breeze as she climbed the turnbuckle and let out her own roar. The two wrestlers circled each other, sizing each other up before Kaleb made the first move, slamming Tianna to the mat with a powerful slam. The crowd erupted with cheers and Kaleb followed up with a flurry of high-impact moves, leaving Tianna reeling and the crowd on their feet. But Tianna was nothing if not resilient, and she fought back with a vengeance, throwing Kaleb around the ring with a series of powerful moves that had the crowd on their feet and cheering. In the end, it was Kaleb who emerged victorious, but only just, and the two wrestlers shared an exhausted, but respectful embrace after the match.


ChatGLM 6B

In the middle of the ring, a fierce battle was taking place as Kaleb KryptoKnight and Tianna Flame faced off. The two WWE wrestlers were each other’s biggest fans, and as soon as they stepped into the ring, they were ready for a full-contact fight.

Kaleb KryptoKnight was a muscular, tall man with a long, sharp sword hanging from his belt. His eyes were sharp and bright, and he exuded a sense of power and strength that was impressive to behold. Tianna Flame was a smaller woman, but she had a quickness and a quickness that made her stand out in a crowd. She was dressed in a black, sleek fighter’s costume, with a hot air balloons symbol on her chest.

As the two wrestlers faced off, they used their speed and agility to get into each other’s faces and try to get a submission hold. They both had their own unique styles, and the match was a mix of submission holds, tag team matches, and some of the most exciting tag team matches in WWE history.

One of the things that made the match so exciting was the energy between the two WWE wrestlers. They both had a love for their craft, and their passion for each other was evident in the way they moved and interact with each other. The battle between the two was a true test of strength and skill, and it was a testament to the power and strength of both of them.

As the match went on, Tianna Flame managed to get her opponent to the canvas with a submission hold, but Kaleb KryptoKnight was determined to stay standing. He worked his way back up, using his sword to try to break Tianna Flame’s hold. The two WWE wrestlers continued to fight, using their speed and agility to keep each other at a distance.

Finally, Tianna Flame managed to get her opponent to the canvas with a powerfull headbutt, and the match was over. The two WWE wrestlers looked each other in the eyes as they emerged from the ring, ready to continue their careers as the best tag team in WWE. The battle had been a test of both their strength and their passion, and both of them had proven themselves to be the best in their division.



Kaleb KryptoKnight entered the ring wearing a red and white costume and holding a cape. Kaleb was muscular and had a shaved head. Tianna Flame was wearing a tight blue top with a skirt. Her hair was dyed bright red. She wore makeup and had a muscular frame. The announcers introduced the two wrestlers. Kaleb walked around the ring flexing his muscles. Tianna jumped up and down and waved to the crowd. Kaleb and Tianna started the match. They took their positions on the mat and waited for the referee to start the match. The referee blew the whistle and the match began.
Kaleb and Tianna wrestled rough. They punched, kicked and tackled each other. Kaleb tried to pin Tianna. Tianna rolled over and tried to pin Kaleb. Kaleb got away and started throwing punches and kicks. Tianna tried to escape Kaleb’s grasp and got free. Tianna was faster than Kaleb. Tianna kicked Kaleb in the ribs and stomach. Kaleb grabbed Tianna by the hair and threw her against the ropes. Tianna did a backflip and landed on her feet. Kaleb punched Tianna and she fell on the mat. Kaleb jumped on top of Tianna and tried to pin her. Tianna rolled over and got free. Tianna punched Kaleb and he stumbled backwards. Kaleb grabbed hold of Tianna’s ankle and swung her around by her leg. Tianna fell on the mat. Kaleb pinned her. The referee blew the whistle. Tianna started crying and Kaleb threw his hands in the air. The crowd was cheering. The announcers congratulated Kaleb for winning the match.


Dolly V2 12B

The announcers talk about the two competitors and how their styles will contrast one another. Tianna Flame is a high flyer while Kaleb KryptoKnight prefers to work on the ground. The wrestlers circle each other in the center of the ring. Kaleb raises his fists in the air as Tianna Flame runs at him, leaping into the air and landing a running knee to the dome. Tianna slaps Kaleb across the face with her open palm before he can respond. Kaleb ducks under a charging Tianna and slams her to the mat with a double leg take down. He quickly gets on top and delivers a double underhook suplex to the floor. Tianna struggles to reach the floor, so Kaleb lifts her back into the ring. He holds her arms, allowing Tianna to grab a steel chair. Tianna lifts Kaleb into the air, positioning the chair under his back for a senton kick.


For a complete comparison, here is the version written by ChatGPT (basic):

Ring Announcer 1: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the grandest stage of them all, the wrestling arena! We have an epic match lined up for you tonight between two formidable wrestlers. First up, hailing from the dark corners of the wrestling world, weighing in at 250 pounds of pure muscle, and known for his mysterious aura, Kaleb KryptoKnight!”

Ring Announcer 2: “That’s right, Ring Announcer 1! Kaleb KryptoKnight has a reputation for his unconventional wrestling style and enigmatic persona. He’s a force to be reckoned with in the ring!”

As the lights dim and smoke fills the arena, Kaleb KryptoKnight emerges from the entrance ramp, clad in a dark hooded cloak, exuding an air of mystery. His chiseled physique glistens in the spotlight as he strides down the ramp with purpose, his piercing eyes locked on the ring.

Ring Announcer 1: “And his opponent, making her way to the ring, is none other than the fiery and fierce Tianna Flame!”

Ring Announcer 2: “Tianna Flame is a trailblazer in the wrestling world, breaking barriers and taking on opponents twice her size. She’s a force of nature inside the ring, known for her speed and agility.”

As the arena erupts with cheers, Tianna Flame sprints down the ramp, her fiery red hair flowing behind her, exuding confidence and determination. She leaps onto the ring apron, showing off her acrobatic skills with a somersault, before confidently entering the ring.

The match begins with both wrestlers circling each other in the ring, Kaleb KryptoKnight with his calculated movements and Tianna Flame with her quick footwork. They lock up in the center of the ring, grappling and jostling for dominance. Kaleb KryptoKnight uses his brute strength to overpower Tianna Flame, but she counters with her speed and agility, slipping out of his grasp with acrobatic maneuvers.

Ring Announcer 1: “The strength of Kaleb KryptoKnight is undeniable, but Tianna Flame is showing incredible agility, dodging his attacks with lightning-fast moves!”

Ring Announcer 2: “That’s right! Tianna Flame is not backing down from Kaleb KryptoKnight’s power. She’s putting up a fight, showcasing her wrestling skills!”

Tianna Flame launches herself off the ropes with a springboard maneuver, aiming for a dropkick, but Kaleb KryptoKnight catches her mid-air and slams her down with a thunderous powerbomb. The impact reverberates through the arena, and Tianna Flame writhes in pain on the mat.

Ring Announcer 1: “What a devastating powerbomb by Kaleb KryptoKnight! Tianna Flame is in trouble now!”

Ring Announcer 2: “Kaleb KryptoKnight’s strength is unmatched, but Tianna Flame is known for her resilience. She won’t go down without a fight!”

Tianna Flame manages to rally, using her speed and agility to outmaneuver Kaleb KryptoKnight, landing a flurry of kicks and strikes. She flips and somersaults around the ring, dazzling the audience with her acrobatics. But Kaleb KryptoKnight, fueled by his mysterious energy, withstands the onslaught, delivering powerful slams and strikes of his own.

Ring Announcer 1: “What an incredible display of athleticism by Tianna Flame! But Kaleb KryptoKnight is not budging!”

Ring Announcer 2: “This is truly an epic battle! Both wrestlers are giving it their all, showcasing their unique wrestling styles!”

The match continues with back-and-forth action, both wrestlers showcasing their signature moves. Kaleb KryptoKnight unleashes his devastating “Krypto Slam,” lifting Tianna Flame high in the air and slamming her down with bone-crunching force. But Tianna Flame refuses to stay down, using her resiliency to kick out just in time.

Ring Announcer 1: “Unbelievable! Tianna Flame kicks out of the Krypto Slam! She’s showing incredible determination!”

Ring Announcer 2: “Tianna Flame is proving why she’s a trailblazer in the wrestling world. She’s not backing down!”

As the match enters its final moments, both wrestlers are visibly fatigued, sweat dripping down their bodies. Tianna Flame launches herself off the ropes with a high-flying crossbody, catching Kaleb KryptoKnight by surprise and sending him crashing to the mat. She follows up with a lightning-fast roundhouse kick, connecting squarely with Kaleb KryptoKnight’s jaw.

Ring Announcer 1: “Tianna Flame is on fire! She’s pulling out all the stops!”

Ring Announcer 2: “Kaleb KryptoKnight is reeling! Tianna Flame is giving it her all!”

With the crowd on their feet, Tianna Flame climbs to the top turnbuckle, ready to unleash her signature finishing move, the “Flame Fury.” She leaps off, somersaulting in mid-air, aiming to land a crushing blow on Kaleb KryptoKnight. But at the last moment, Kaleb KryptoKnight counters, catching her in mid-air with a thunderous uppercut.

Ring Announcer 1: “What a counter by Kaleb KryptoKnight! Tianna Flame’s high-risk move backfired!”

Ring Announcer 2: “This is intense! Who will come out on top?”

Kaleb KryptoKnight capitalizes on the opening, delivering his devastating finishing move, the “Krypto Kick,” a spinning roundhouse kick that connects with Tianna Flame’s head, sending her crashing to the mat. He goes for the cover, and the referee counts to three.

Ring Announcer 1: “And it’s over! Kaleb KryptoKnight emerges victorious!”

Ring Announcer 2: “What an epic match! Both wrestlers gave it their all, but Kaleb KryptoKnight came out on top!”

Kaleb KryptoKnight rises to his feet, victorious, as the crowd roars with applause. He extends a hand to Tianna Flame, showing mutual respect, and she accepts, shaking his hand. The two wrestlers share a moment of sportsmanship in the ring, earning the admiration of the audience.

Ring Announcer 1: “What a match! These wrestlers put on a show for the ages!”

Ring Announcer 2: “Absolutely! This will go down as one of the most memorable matches in wrestling history!”

The curtain falls on an epic showdown between Kaleb KryptoKnight and Tianna Flame, leaving the audience in awe of their athleticism, skill, and sportsmanship. The legacy of this epic wrestling match will be remembered in the annals of wrestling history for years to come.


So there you have it. A comparison between multiple large Language Models. I think it is fairly easy to see which ones were the winners.Leave comments below about your thoughts on each model.

Note: Text coloring is only to differentiate the different models from each other and my text.

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