Dasan The Dark Swordsman

Are you in need of a dark swordsman for your Visual Novel or game? Is he the villain of the story? Is he just misunderstood, or is he filled with mal intent? Whatever the case may be; Dasan is not one to be trifled with, especially if you’re trifling with his truffles. As they’re his…


Alexandra The Cyborg Seductress

Alexandra is a cybernetic seductress from a not too far off future. Some might consider her a cougar. Is she out on the prowl? Who is she on the hunt for? Tell your own tales of this character in your Visual Novel or game. Alexandra 8 is a Genesis 8 model with parts of her…


Daniel The Fitness Trainer

Are you in need of a strong dark handsome character, for your Visual Novel or game, wearing his work out outfit? Daniel recently moved into the neighborhood and all the neighbors are talking. What is the backstory of Daniel? Based on his green hair, my bet is that he is really an alien from Andromeda…


Aisling From Andromeda

Aisling is a girl from out of this world. Or is she? Does she really come from a galaxy far far away? Or does she just have a good costume designer and special effects expert? Create your own backstory for this character in your Visual Novel or game. This character is Aisling for Charlotte 8….


Dain8 The Banana Stand Man

Are you in need of a character in your Visual Novel to be wearing a Banana Suit? Of course you are! Every good Visual Novel should showcase a character in a banana costume! Okay, well… maybe not. Now the question is, why is Dain wearing the banana suit? Is he the new owner of a…


Cormac The Cyber Chieftain

This is Cormac, and I’m not really sure what happened to him! He has multiple cybernetic enhancements but he is wearing an outfit more commonly worn by an Orc. Did his circuits get crossed and cause him to be a crazed cyborg? His ship crash land on a fantasy world and with his robotic parts…


Ai Ready To Party

Are you in need of a beautiful Asian woman ready for a night out in the city? Meet Ai who will be happy to stroll into your Visual Novel. Is she just out for a night of fun? Perhaps she is an undercover agent with her eyes set on a gathering proof against a villain….


Chen Priest Of Anubis

Meet Chen, one of Anubis’s (the Egyptian Deity of the Dead) highest ranking priests. Is he a benevolent priest helping families to grieve the passing of loved ones, and making final arrangement for their journey to the afterlife? Or is he the one plotting to quicken everyone else’s demise for his own evil scheme? Chen…


Maryse The Teen Fae

Maryse is a 316 year old fae trying to pass herself of as just your average teenage human girl (and doing a pretty good job). She is, of course, just passing her pointy ears off as really good prosthetics or cosmetic surgery ;). Maryse is a Genesis 3 model with the Fantasy Hair and Tamara…