Chen Priest Of Anubis

Meet Chen, one of Anubis’s (the Egyptian Deity of the Dead) highest ranking priests. Is he a benevolent priest helping families to grieve the passing of loved ones, and making final arrangement for their journey to the afterlife? Or is he the one plotting to quicken everyone else’s demise for his own evil scheme?

Chen is a Genesis 8 model wearing the dforce Anubis Priest Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s).

Feel free to use these images in your Visual Novel or RPG style game.


Want a different stance or expressions? I’m accepting commissions. A set of images like these would cost $15, which include One (1) Thighs-Up (2/3rds body) rendered in 1080px, and 8 facial expressions rendered 300x300px which will be combined onto a sprite sheet.

Pose and Expressions are from the All Action Poses for Genesis 8 Male and Michael 8 set:

Full Body Pose: All Action Pose: All Action Male Base 19 (With some adjustments to the fingers on the right hand.

Expression-01: None

Expression-02: All Action Expressions: 02

Expression-03: All Action Expressions: 03

Expression-04: All Action Expressions: 04

Expression-05: All Action Expressions: 06

Expression-06: All Action Expressions: 07

Expression-07: All Action Expressions: 08

Expression-08: All Action Expressions: 09


If you want to see even more of Chen, sign up for Rendory’s “Bare Minimum” membership (only $12/year) where the models can be seen in little to nothing more than their birthday suits.

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