Playing In The Secluded Grotto

Raven and Summer have found yet another lovely location to enjoy themselves. This time it is in the secluded “Nature – Grotto“. Okay, well maybe not so secluded as they are joined by two new girls; Dani and her almost identical twin sister. Aside from their hair color, the twin also looks several years younger? Was she cryogenically frozen for several years? A younger clone? Or just something she ate or drank? Who knows, make up your own story as to why they are the same but different.


The Nature – Grotto environment comes with 10 camera presets to make renders from different views. Below are the renders I generated using those preset cameras:



Jump in to this next set of images with the girls added into the setting:



Thankfully, this time I was able to render each image without having to do postwork like the prior post.


All of the girls have the same hairstyle; School Girl Hair for Genesis 8 Female(s) with different color textures that are included. They were each posed using presets from The Spectacle of Wrestling Poses for Genesis 8 product, with only minor modifications. Expressions are from the CDI Poses for Teen Raven 8 and Genesis 8 Female set.


Teen Raven 8 is standing on the rock on the left, cheering her new friends on. She is wearing the dForce Skate Punk with Skateboard for Genesis 8 Female(s) outfit with the second texture set that comes with it.


DD Summer for Teen Raven 8 is having such a great time that she is bending over backwards! She is wearing the dForce Camo Chic Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s).


Dani for Teen Raven 8 is the one leaping off the cliff, flying over (hopefully) Summer. She is dressed in the Sunset Bikini for Genesis 2 Female(s). While the auto-fit works fairly well with this outfit made for the genesis 2 female, you can see that it has some issues with the bikini bottoms being distorted and growing ‘wings’.


As this was the only scene that I randomly added Dani to, I decided to use her for the little sister as well. The younger version of Dani was created using the shape preset from the Z Sisterly Love Shape Presets and Poses for Genesis 8 Female product. She is wearing the dForce Trojan Princess Outfit Set for Genesis 8 Females. She is taking a running leap towards the water. Is she trying to beat her sister in, or time it to catch her or just crash into her?


Feel free to make up your own story for what is happening in the images and post it in the comments 😉



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