Thirteen Ghouls Of Halloween 2021 Night 13

For the final night of Thirteen Ghouls of Halloween, best beware this power couple’s embrace. They are both more than happy to invite you over to their castle for dinner, with you as the main drink! Although, I doubt their thirst will be so easily satiated. Be sure to show up on time though, otherwise they may send their pets out to get you!



The blood thirsty male is the Vampyre for Genesis 8 Male(s). He is wearing Dark Prince Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s). His hairstyle is the Odin hair from the Odin Hair & Beard for Genesis 8 Male(s) product. The two vampires are embracing each other using one of the poses from the Super Couple Pose Set for Genesis 8 product with some adjustments to the arm positions. His expression is from the


The female bloodsucker is Rachelle Vamp HD for Genesis 3 & 8 Female. She is wearing the Throne Defender Armor for Genesis 8 Female(s) outfit. Hairstyle is the Anita Hair for Genesis 8 Female(s). Her expression is from the Z Reckless – Dialable and One-Click Expressions for Victoria 8 set.


Tired of their werewolf pets always turning into a rebellious army, they opted for a more familiar animal. These pets are the Werebat HD for Genesis 8.1 Male. Poses are from the Batso Hierarchical Poses for Werebat HD. Of note, the expressions are all from the expressions that come with the Genesis 8 Male and in the Genesis 8 Male Expressions product. I tried multiple expression presets from other vendors sold at Daz and none of them seemed to change the Werebat’s facial expression.


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