Thirteen Ghouls Of Halloween 2021 Night 11

On the eleventh night of Thirteen Ghouls of Halloween we discover why it is bad luck for a black cat to cross your path… This fabulous feline is not only an anthropomorphic panther, but she is also a witch! Watch out when her eyes start to glow as that means she is about to cast a spell to capture her latest prey… Don’t let this cat get your tongue (she might need it to brew up a potion, or some sort of nefarious spell)!



Tonight’s theme follows along a bit with the Daphne High Priestess post from earlier today. I knew that I wanted to have a witch and a black cat for Halloween, and well… this just came together 😉


This is the Rakshasi with dForce Hair for Genesis 8 Female character with the black panther texture. She is wearing the Bewitching for Genesis outfit, which as the name implies was designed for the original Genesis character. It was nice to see that the autofit worked nicely. Pose is from the Spirited Poses for Karyssa 8 and Genesis 8 Female product, with some adjustments to the arms to grab hold of the broom and a better position to view the wand. Her expression is from Egyptian Queen – Expressions for Genesis 8 Female and Twosret 8 set. Wand is the Crystal Wand from the Magic Wands product and the broom is the Moon Broom.


In this final image, the Black Cat Witch can be seen flying on her broom in the night sky from the product: Iray SkyDome Super PAK



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