Farmer Mage Lewis

Folks all around agree that Farmer Lewis has the tastiest fruits and vegetables by far. However, it takes more than some lucky charms or trinkets to make his produce magically delicious, it takes real magic! He uses his knowledge of the arcane arts passed down from many generations of mage farmers before him. Is there a group of inquisitive teen investigators out trying to uncover his secrets? Perhaps some large corporation is trying to get their greedy hands on his land and they’re using less than legal tactics. Or has a supernatural menace sprung up that only someone with access to tomes of ancient rites and rituals, like Lewis, can thwart? How will Lewis the Farmer Mage be cast in your Visual Tome, er.. Novel or game?


This is the genesis 8 male character Lewis HD for Leroy 8. He is wearing the dForce Overalls Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s). His hairstyle is the Military Cut Style dForce Hair for Dain 8 and Genesis 8 Male(s) product.


Feel free to use these images in your Visual Novel or RPG style game.



Want a different stance or expressions? I’m accepting commissions. A set of images like these would cost $15, which include One (1) Thighs-Up (2/3rds body) rendered in 1080px, and 8 facial expressions rendered 300x300px which will be combined onto a sprite sheet.


Full Body Pose: Wizard Lore Poses for Genesis 8 Male and Floyd 8 -> Wizard Lore Poses 13M Base Male

Expressions are from the Wizard Lore Poses for Genesis 8 Male and Floyd 8 set.

Expression-01: None

Expression-02: Wizard Lore Express 01 Floyd 8

Expression-03: Wizard Lore Express 02 Floyd 8

Expression-04: Wizard Lore Express 03 Floyd 8

Expression-05: Wizard Lore Express 04 Floyd 8

Expression-06: Wizard Lore Express 05 Floyd 8

Expression-07: Wizard Lore Express 06 Floyd 8

Expression-08: Wizard Lore Express 07 Floyd 8


Here is Lewis casting a spell using the props from the SY Marvelous Magic Iray for Genesis 3 and 8 product:



Get more images of Leroy on his vacation inside the “Bare Minimum” membership area (only $12/year).

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