Got It Made Manu

Manu has it made in the shade. While a lot of other people are stuck working in their offices all day, Manu is just sipping Mai Tais at a beach front cafe. All he needs is his laptop and a webcam to record, edit and upload another hit video for his popular streaming video channel. Is his channel about hitting on the staff members? Perhaps he is playing “To catch a Gold Digger”? Maybe he is out explaining the differences between mollusks and shellfish, or how currents transfer heat in the ocean quizlet? It’s up to you to decide what Manu is making videos about in your Visual Novel or game.


This is Manu for Genesis 8 Male. He is wearing the dForce Tracksuit Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s). His hairstyle is the Nikan Hair and Beard for Genesis 3 & 8 Male(s).



Feel free to use these images in your Visual Novel or RPG style game.



Want a different stance or expressions? I’m accepting commissions. A set of images like these would cost $15, which include One (1) Thighs-Up (2/3rds body) rendered in 1080px, and 8 facial expressions rendered 300x300px which will be combined onto a sprite sheet.


Full Body Pose: Z Burly Male – Poses for Genesis 8 Male and Michael 8 -> Z BM 09 Genesis 8 Male


Expressions are from the Action Poses for Dain 8 and Genesis 8 Male(s) set:

Expression-01: None

Expression-02: Action For Dain 8: Action Concentrating

Expression-03: Action For Dain 8: Action Content

Expression-04: Action For Dain 8: Action Engaging

Expression-05: Action For Dain 8: Action Friendly

Expression-06: Action For Dain 8: Action Glare

Expression-07: Action For Dain 8: Action Quaint

Expression-08: Action For Dain 8: Action Targeting


If you want to see even more of Manu, sign up for Rendory’s “Bare Minimum” membership (only $12/year).


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