Genesis 3 Male Dash

This is Dash for Michael 7, one of the many male figures created for the Genesis 3 Male from Daz3d. He has 4  Eye Color options. You will need to own Michael 7 for the character morphs to work properly.   These images are free for you to use for your own character images, games, […]

Exotic Desert Dancer Characters

Recently, I took advantage of a really great sale over at Daz3D. Through a combination of Platinum Club pricing, Platinum Club Coupons, and the promotion, I was able to grab quite a few items that were on my wishlist for close to 80% off! One of the items purchased was the Surat Spice Bundle. This […]

Quinty The Sorceress

Introducing, Quinty the sorceress. Is she a dark skinned human? Or does her short coppery hair hide the pointed ears of some dark elf ancestry? Quinty is a lovely creation of P3Design, a vendor at Daz3D. She is wearing the Dark Elf Enchantress Outfit. The outfit only comes with one texture set, but you can […]

The Minotaur Knight

As I was going through the many products I own to create a new character I decided that I wanted to test out some very high quality armor with the Minotaur 6 figure from Daz3d. Minotaur 6 is based off of the Genesis 2 Male (G2M) figure. The armor was created by the artist known […]

Introducing Alyestra

This is Alyestra. She was created as a wild elf (sometimes known as Grugach) druid from the deep forest region. [Show thumbnails] However, she could easily fit into your sci-fi scenes as an alien explorer. [Show thumbnails] Or perhaps your world is just full of people with elongated pointed ears. [Show thumbnails] These images are […]