The Minotaur Knight

As I was going through the many products I own to create a new character I decided that I wanted to test out some very high quality armor with the Minotaur 6 figure from Daz3d. Minotaur 6 is based off of the Genesis 2 Male (G2M) figure. The armor was created by the artist known as Luthbel and is called Paladin HD MMXV for Genesis 2 Males(s). 5 different texture sets give the armor a nice variety of looks.


As a Dungeons and Dragons player (mostly 3.0/3.5), a Paladin is defined as Lawful Good in alignment/outlook. Therefore I chose to call the Minotaur a Knight instead. By the way… not really sure how the Minotaur gets that helmet on over those horns!

The Chaotic Evil Minotaur Knight

The Chaotic Good Minotaur Knight

The Lawful Evil Minotaur Knight

The Lawful Good Minotaur Knight

The Neutral Minotaur Knight


These images are free for you to use for your own character images, games, media, etc.

Overall, using the Paladin armor with the Minotaur character is fairly easy. Everything from the waist up fit very well. Even the helmet looks good, although the auto-follow for the ears may not be to everyone’s liking. The first challenge was with the pants and the leg plates. They don’t work very well since the minotaur legs are an add-on to the G2M body and the clothing still wants to use the G2M legs. Even loading them onto the minotaur legs directly does not resolve it. With the pants I just went ahead and hid the shin areas by clicking the EYE icons in the figure tree. Unfortunately they still collide with the minotaur legs.

The next challenge was with the gables (the loin cloth looking pieces) which are part of the body armor. Mostly this was just getting it to not run into the legs or the leg plates. Use the built in morphs to move the gables around until it looks good. If you cannot get them completely away from intersecting, you can hide parts and taking several renders. Next, fix them using an image editing program like Photoshop, or Gimp. There are also online photo editing sites that you can use for free, such as Photoshop Express Editor, FreePhotoTool, or Pixlr.

On another note, both the armor and the Minotaur are HD quality and are rather heavy on resources. I have a 4GB Nvidia graphics card and 32GB of ram and just a simple scene like this is still bogging down my PC. Normally, I can have 7 or 8 characters fully clothed and with environment around and not have too much issue.

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