Genesis 2 Male: Darius 6

This image is free for you to use for your own character images, games, or media.

This is Darius 6 for the Genesis 2 Male model. He comes with 4 eye color options.

He is wearing the Witch Doctor for Genesis 2 Male(s) outfit. It comes with a mask/headdress, necklace, skirt and one texture set.

Pose is from the I am Poses for Darius 6 set.

All of the above items are also available in the Darius 6 Pro Bundle. Character is available in the Darius 6 Starter Bundle as well.

Facial expression is from the Genesis 2 Male(s) Expressions & Face aniBlocks product. This is also available in Genesis 2 Bundle Expressions & Face aniBlocks. Aniblocks are a premade motion clip that can be added to a character, see video link below for more details.

Lighting preset is the Surfer Guy Beach Lights. This comes FREE with Daz Studio in the Genesis 2 Male Starter Essentials.

There are 4 additional textures sets for the outfit in the Nganga for Witch Doctor product (Not Owned).



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