Teens In A Fantasy Trapped Vault

I recently purchased some more settings, characters, and clothing products from Daz3d. Once again they were having a sale with deep discounts :). Over the next few posts I’ll be showing off the items in a bit of a mish mash of the products, randomly determining what each character will have for their hair style, clothing, and in which environment they will be in.

The first scene is the product Fantasy Trapped Vault. A couple of girls; Teen Raven 8 and DD Summer for Teen Raven 8 have somehow managed to get past most of the traps and are now taking a break outside the final vault door.

Here are a few of the renders made:

Almost all of the renders were done with the cameras and render settings that are included with the Fantasy Trapped Vault. I added an extra camera to use for the close up shot of the two young ladies on the stairs in front of the door. With the presets included it is a bit difficult to see the darts. Probably would need to add lighting or adjust the cameras or the darts to make them more visible.


Feel free to make up your own story for what is happening in the images and post it in the comments 😉


Teen Raven 8 is leaning against the door. She is wearing the dForce Trojan Princess Outfit Set for Genesis 8 Females. Her hair style is the Matilda Hair For Genesis 8 Female(s). Pose is from the CDI Poses for Teen Raven 8 and Genesis 8 Female.


DD Summer for Teen Raven 8 is sitting on the staircase, appearing a bit less happy than Raven. She is dressed in the Gothy Punk For Teen Raven 8 and Genesis 8 Female(s) outfit. Her hair is also the Matilda Hair For Genesis 8 Female(s) with a different style setting. Pose is from the CDI Poses for Teen Raven 8 and Genesis 8 Female. Each of these items can be bought together in the Teen Raven 8 Pro Bundle.


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