Castle Background Images

Need a castle in the background of your characters image, or for a scene in your game. Below you will find several variations of the front entrance to a castle. This is the i13 Drawbridge product from ironman13, also known as i13. They have a lot of great products available for sale at both Daz3d […]

Exotic Desert Dancer Characters

Recently, I took advantage of a really great sale over at Daz3D. Through a combination of Platinum Club pricing, Platinum Club Coupons, and the promotion, I was able to grab quite a few items that were on my wishlist for close to 80% off! One of the items purchased was the Surat Spice Bundle. This […]

Happy 50th Anniversary Star Trek!

A post to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the day Star Trek originally aired, September 8th, 1966. Live Long and Propser.   Unfortunately, did not have time to work on this post but will come back and add links to Start Trek themed 3d models

Quinty The Sorceress

Introducing, Quinty the sorceress. Is she a dark skinned human? Or does her short coppery hair hide the pointed ears of some dark elf ancestry? Quinty is a lovely creation of P3Design, a vendor at Daz3D. She is wearing the Dark Elf Enchantress Outfit. The outfit only comes with one texture set, but you can […]

The Minotaur Knight

As I was going through the many products I own to create a new character I decided that I wanted to test out some very high quality armor with the Minotaur 6 figure from Daz3d. Minotaur 6 is based off of the Genesis 2 Male (G2M) figure. The armor was created by the artist known […]

Introducing Alyestra

This is Alyestra. She was created as a wild elf (sometimes known as Grugach) druid from the deep forest region. [Show thumbnails] However, she could easily fit into your sci-fi scenes as an alien explorer. [Show thumbnails] Or perhaps your world is just full of people with elongated pointed ears. [Show thumbnails] These images are […]

The First Post!

Yep, completely original title for this post, bet no one has ever done that before, lol.   Welcome to   This site is for those that are a bit artistically challenged like myself. Here you’ll be able to find lots of FREE (as well as not so free) items that you can use in […]