Just Released: Victoria 8

Just released today, the newest version of Daz3D’d flagship model; Victoria 8! She is the most advanced and backwards compatible Victoria model yet!

Advantages of the new Genesis 8/Victoria 8:

  • The most backward compatibility ever, through included clones for Genesis, Genesis 2, & Genesis 3
  • Includes clones for Male and Female figures for better use of content across sexes
  • New eyes, toes, fingers, lashes, and more
  • More realistic bending and articulation across the figure
  • Enhanced PowerPose support, including an all-new expression interface:
  • Major muscle groups now flex automatically as the figure moves and poses
  • Dramatically more realistic skin through an all-new Iray Uber Shader

Great sale today to acquire 3 of the prior Victoria models as well!

Buy Victoria 8 to get Victoria 5, 6, & 7 FREE, see below:

Buy Victoria 8 Pro Bundle and get Victoria 5 Pro Bundle, Victoria 6 Pro Bundle, AND Victoria 7 Pro Bundle for FREE!

Buy Victoria 8 Starter Bundle and get Victoria 5 Starter Bundle, Victoria 6 Starter Bundle, AND Victoria 7 Starter Bundle for FREE!

Buy Victoria 8 Base Model and get Victoria 5, Victoria 6, AND Victoria 7 for FREE!

Grab these deals while the sale lasts!

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