Turn a ONE-Time $0.75 payment into $300,000+

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I joined SuperCashPay.Biz as it looks like a great opportunity to turn a ONE-Time $0.75 payment into $300,000+. Okay, technically you will have to make 7 payments in total… however, after the first payment you can wait until you receive payments from your referrals/downline members. Personally I went and purchased levels 1 through 4 just in case I had a large in-flow of referrals, or spillover from my sponsor. At only $0.75 to start, it makes it affordable for practically everybody! 

New to this style matrix income opportunity? Need to comprehend how it works? I will try to explain it here:

SuperCashPay.Biz uses a member to member payment system. This means that the site admin never touches the money and does not take any fee from it. Members receive 100% of the commission (minus any payment processor fees of course).

When you join, you will send a $0.75 payment to whomever has a spot available on level 1, whether it is your direct sponsor or another member in a position under your sponsor. That member will approve payment once verified. Now you can start referring and potentially receive spillover (referrals sponsored by members above your position). This style of matrix is what is considered a FORCED MATRIX.

Level 1: Pay $0.75. It only takes 2 members to fill this level, each send you $0.75 and you can earn up to $1.50 (depending on processor fees). Enough to pay for Level 2.

Level 2: Pay $1. This level can hold 4 members, each send you $1 and you can earn up to $4. Enough to pay for Level 3.

Level 3: Pay $3. This level can hold 8 members, each send you $3 and you can earn up to $24. Enough to pay for Level 4 and then some :).

Level 4: Pay $12. This level can hold 16 members, each send you $12 and you can earn up to $192. Enough to pay for Level 5 and then some :).

Level 5: Pay $100. This level can hold 32 members, each send you $100 and you can earn up to $3200. Enough to pay for Level 6 and then some :).

Level 6: Pay $1000. This level can hold 64 members, each send you $1000 and you can earn up to $64,000. Pay $2000 for level 7 then just keep earning!!!

Level 7: Pay $2000. This level can hold up to 128 members, each will send you $2000 and you can earn up to $256,000!!!!!!!

Okay, so what do you get for all this money that you are spending? Besides the opportunity to help yourself and others out financially; you will also receive advertising credits to use on the SuperCashPay.Biz site. This includes banner and text ad credits. Advertising credit amounts increase based on level.

Keys to success:

  1. After you join, go to the Purchase Positions Page and pay your $0.75 to the member assigned.
    • If you send payment through Paypal, tried to use the Friends/Family option first, this way the receiving member will get the full amount. If that is unavailable send it as Goods/Services.
    • Payza charges a fee to receive funds no matter what.
    • Bitcoin: Highly recommend that you use a Xapo wallet to send and receive payments. There are no fees when sending from Xapo member to Xapo member.
  2. BE SURE TO ENTER YOUR PAYMENT DETAILS in the back office so the person that you sent payment to knows that you paid and so that they have an easier time verifying the payment.
  3. Wait until your Level 1 payment has been accepted before you start referring. Otherwise any referrals you get may end up being in someone else’s downline as you are not eligible to receive payments until level 1 is accepted.
  4. Upgrade to the highest level you can easily afford to ensure that your referrals do not skip you.
  5. Refer, refer, refer! Use your favorite social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram etc…
  6. Check your account at least once a day to approve payments, preferably more often, so that people do not have to wait and can upgrade quickly.

Visit SuperCashPay.Biz for more details.

Thanks for looking! And even more THANKS if you decide to participate 🙂