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Bitcoin faucets allow you to earn bitcoin/satoshi for free 🙂 Usually all you have to do is visit the site, input your bitcoin wallet address, fill out a captcha and hit submit. Thats it, you’ve now earned free crypto-currency. Generally the site will collect/store the satoshi on site until it reaches a minimum requirement for withdrawal.

You won’t earn much from faucets but you keep at them daily and they add up!

Freebitco.in has been around since 2013(?). They have their own mining operation and share it with their members. You can claim upto $200 in bitcoin/satoshi per hour! In addition, they also have a hi/lo game and a lottery to potentially win additional satoshi. You can also earn compounded daily interest on any balance that you hold in your Freebitco.in account at a 4.08% Annual interest rate.

Moon Bitcoin has also been around since 2013(?). You can make claims every 5 minutes. The nice part of Moon Bitcoin is that the faucet continues to “drip” satoshi, meaning that it keeps accumulating even if you leave it for days with visiting. However, you will make more by claiming frequently as the accumulation rate slows down. In addition to your claim, you can also receive Daily Loyalty Bonuses, Referral Bonuses, Offer Bonuses, and Mystery Bonuses!

Boxbit is a guessing game to earn satoshi. Choose from one on the treasure chests and receive a random amount. Don’t like the amount you received? Try your luck with a second chance! In addition, after 30 claims you can play the bonus game when if you guess correctly you can claim upto 5 treasure chests!

Get Your Bitcoin is a quick and easy faucet to earn free satoshi.