Recently, I’ve gotten back into make money online opportunities to help supplement my regular (job) income (and hopefully someday replace it). My main focus is in opportunities that incorporate crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Dashcoin, and Ethereum.

If you are unfamiliar with crypto-currencies, select from the menu above “Income Opportunities” –> “Getting Started”.

Here are several opportunities that look promising:

SuperCashPay: How would you like to be able to turn $0.75 into over $300,000 in as little as a few weeks?! Well now you can with this great new opportunity. Just sign-up and make your first payment of $0.75 using either Paypal, Payza, or Bitcoin. Once the payment has been verified by that person you can start referring others to join you. Who can’t afford $0.75? Next, start purchasing each level as you can so that you’ll get paid when your referrals pay. All payments are Member to Member, so that means there is no admin fee and no chance of it being a scam! SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER for my personal referrals: Send me proof that you have paid level 1 and I’ll even pay you back the $0.75 (through Paypal) even if you did not pay me directly. I just want to get this matrix filled and earn $300K+! (Once you have the funds be sure to join me at Crypto Fundraiser too 🙂 )


Crypto Fundraiser: For a ONE-Time out of pocket expense of $50 (in Bitcoin or Ethereum) you can begin fundraising to earn over $800,000!!! Check out the image below for a more in depth explanation:

CryptoFundRaiser Donations Chart


iCoinPro: This site just entered pre-launch (May 25th, 2017) and is growing quickly. Lots of top affiliate marketers have joined and are filling the ranks fast. The CEO and Founder is Paul De Sousa. Their goal at iCoinPRO is simple. They want to educate us on WHAT Crypto Currencies are, HOW they work, and how WE can take advantage of them. There are 5 ways to get paid and you can earn up to $2046 without even sponsoring anyone! Check it out 🙂


Coinomia: Normally I would stay away from “Online Mining Websites” as they tend to be scams and close up within a few months. Coinomia appears to be different as they have been online since 2014. When I have some more funds available I plan on purchasing a contract. Minimum contract starts at $100 for each of the three varieties of coin they offer mining for: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dashcoin.  Contracts are good for 15 months. This is a ‘lazy’ way to earn crypto-currency as all you have to do is make a purchase and sit back while they do all the work.