Genesis 2 Female: Gia 6

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Gia 6 has a powerful, athletic and highly defined physique. She comes with 4 makeup options and 4 eye color options. Despite the numeral 6 added to the figure, this is the first rendition, created especially for the Genesis 2 female.

She is wearing the Hot Cabana Wear outfit. It is a one piece bathing suit that comes with the one Yellow texture set (see below for additional texture options).

The grey colored hair is called Alanna Hair. It comes with 5 color options (Black, Brown, Red, Grey, and Blonde) and a variety of posing options.

Pose is from Gia Fantasy Poses, without a hat, she needs to cover her eyes to get a better vantage without the sun blinding her as she scans the beach looking for her friends.

All of the above items are also available in the Gia 6 Pro Bundle. Character is also available with a variety of other cloth and hair options in the  Gia 6 Starter Bundle.

No scene lighting used. Lighting is provided by the Auto headlamp under the Render Settings. This can be set to be “Automatically turned on when no scene lighting” or set to “Never”.

Facial expression is 1 of 30 that came from the Sweet Emotion V6 product, this product is also available in the Victoria 6 Pro Bundle.

Get 4 additional texture sets for the outfit in the Hot Cabana Wear Textures product, these would work great to turn your character into a modern day gladiator or super heroine. Another great texture set to add even more variety is the WT7 Hot Cabana Wear Textures product, with it you can mix and match 5 different color sets (25 varieties in all).


You’ve now seen Gia6 in her bathing suit, sign up for Rendory’s “Bare Minimum” membership (only $12/year) and you can see her in her birthday suit.

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