Bex Swashbuckling Adventurer

Bex is all ready for a life of adventure and becoming a swashbuckling legend. With dual rapiers, she is ready for any duel! Who will she be fighting? Who or what will she have to overcome? It is up to you to decide when you add this young adventurer to your Visual Novel or game.


This is Bex HD for Teen Josie 8. She is wearing the Blackdawn Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s). Her hairstyle is Courtney Hair for Genesis 3 & 8 Female(s).


Feel free to use these images in your Visual Novel or RPG style game.



Want a different stance or expressions? I’m accepting commissions. A set of images like these would cost $15, which include One (1) Thighs-Up (2/3rds body) rendered in 1080px, and 8 facial expressions rendered 300x300px which will be combined onto a sprite sheet.


Full Body Pose used: Divinity for Twosret 8 and Genesis 8 Female: Divinity Genesis 8 Female 20

Expressions used: Six of the expressions are from the Divinity for Twosret 8 and Genesis 8 Female set, while the last is from the A Lady – Expressions for Genesis 8 Female(s) and Alexandra 8 set.

Expression-01: None

Expression-02: Divinity EXP 01

Expression-03: Divinity EXP 02

Expression-04: Divinity EXP 03

Expression-05: Divinity EXP 04

Expression-06: Divinity EXP 05

Expression-07: Divinity EXP 06

Expression-08: A Lady – Happy 05 Alexandra 8


See more of the out of Bex the slender young swashbuckler inside our “Bare Minimum” membership area (only $12/year).

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