Genesis 3 Male: Lucius

These images are free for you to use for your own character images, games, media, etc.

A proud warrior from a long ago era, Lucius can fill your story’s need of a hero… or is he power mad, bent on making all territories bow to his will.

He is wearing the Spartan Warrior for Genesis 3 Male(s).

Pose is from Capsces Gladiator Poses Leo 7.

Hair, lighting, and camera setup come with Leandros Hair and Beard. Moved the main light to the left side as it was mostly being blocked by the shield and just casting shadows on Lucius.

All of the above items are also available in the Leo 7 Pro Bundle.

Facial expression is from Michael 7 Expressive which is also available in the Michael 7 Pro Bundle.

Adjusted the hair to fit inside the helmet (mostly) using the Hat and Hair Helper Genesis 2. Even though this was designed for Genesis 2 figures, it still works pretty well with the Genesis 3 figures thanks to the auto-fit feature in Daz Studio.

Add a few more colors to your warriors with 4 additional texture sets in the Spartan Warrior Textures product.

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