Genesis 3 Male: Gianni 7

These images are free for you to use for your own character images, games, media, etc.

The character in this image is Gianni 7, a handcrafted character with a muscular and defined, chiseled physique. he comes with 4 options for eye color, and the option to be clean shaven or have facial hair.

Wearing the Cowboy Outfit for Genesis 3 Male(s), Gianni 7 or any of your characters will fit right in to any scene from West World. It comes with a vest, chaps, pants, scarf, boots, hat and shirt. (See below for more texture varieties).

Short orange-ish hair is from Adam Hair for Genesis 3 Male(s). It comes with 20 color options, 4 each of Black, Blonde, Brown, and Red, plus 4 highlight options for the tips. Pose and facial expression are both from Capsces Tough as Nails Poses and Expressions for Gianni 7.

Lighting and camera setup come with Finley Hair.

All of the above items are also available in the Gianni 7 Starter Bundle and the Gianni 7 Pro Bundle.

Get 4 additional texture sets for the outfit in the Cowboy Outfit Textures product.

I wanted to  avoid doing post work for the hair and hat, but I did not have the Hat and Hair Helper Genesis 3. Fortunately, I had a similar product by the same artist (SickleYield) that I had bought over at Renderosity, it is called Sickle Super Hat And Hair Fixer. Even though it is for Genesis figures I was able to use it because of Daz Studio’s autofit function. (I may have also had a little help with the autofit because I have a product called Wear Them All – Autofitting Clones and Clothing Smoothers for Genesis 3 Male(s).)

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