Genesis 3 Male: Brayden

These images are free for you to use for your own character images, games, media, etc.

The few, the proud, the Griffin Space Corps needs your renders. Journey along with corpsman Brayden as he travels the universe staking claim to new territories as part of his job with the Griffin Space Corps.

He is wearing the Space Corps for Genesis 3 Male(s).

Pose is from Capsces Gladiator Poses Leo 7. Slight modification to the right arm to better position the flag.

Lighting and camera setup come with Leandros Hair and Beard.

All of the above items are available in the Leo 7 Pro Bundle. Character is also available in the Leo 7 Starter Bundle.

Facial expression is from Michael 7 Expressive which is also available in the Michael 7 Pro Bundle.

Flag is from the The Griffin War Pack, which is also available in the Griffin War Bundle.

Get 4 additional texture sets for the outfit in the Space Corps Textures product.

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