Genesis 3 Female: Uma

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This is Uma HD for Gia 7, a unique exotic and athletic beauty. She comes with 14 Makeup Options (two styles), 8 Lip Color Options, 8 Nail Color Options, and 7 Realistic Eye Colors.

She is wearing the Jungle Goddess for Genesis 3 Female(s) outfit. It is a bikini-style jungle warrior outfit, that comes complete with a bow, quiver and arrows.

The hair under the cowgirl hat is Ireland Hair for Genesis 3 Female(s). It comes with 14 color options (Black, Blonde, Blonde Dark, Brown, Brown Dark, Brown Light, Purple, Orange-Red, Green-Blue, Red-Orange, Platinum, Auburn, Red, and Strawberry Blonde).

All of the above items are available in the Gia 7 Pro Bundle. Outfit is available in the Gia 7 Starter Bundle as well.

Pose is from Archery 2 Poses for Genesis 3 Male & Female. The poses were crafted to work with the product Arcane Archery, so some adjustments to Uma’s hand and the Jungle Goddess Bow were needed. It also tries to auto-load the Arcane Archery Bow. If you don’t have it, a big grey block appears in its place (probably want to delete it as I did).

Facial expression is from Victoria 7 Extreme Expressions.

4 additional texture sets are available for the outfit in the Jungle Goddess Outfit Textures product.

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