Genesis 3 Female: Ruby

This is Ruby for The Girl 7. She is a gorgeous new pinup style beauty. She comes with 6 different eye colors, 6 make-up options, 6 lip options, and skin materials with and without the “swallow and roses” tattoo.

These images are free for you to use for your own character images, games, media, etc.

She wears the Eternal Outfit for Genesis 3 Female(s), which gives her the look of a magic wielding sorceress or a powerful goddess. Outfit includes the dress, forearm and shin guards, necklace, and shoes. It only comes with one texture set but more are available (see below).

Pink hair is one of the 15 color options that comes with Sheridan Hair, the Dahlia flowers also come with it and have 8 color options. Character pose is from DA Petite Amie Poses for Girl 7 with a slight adjustment to the right hand made with a hand pose that comes in the set.

All of the items above are available in The Girl 7 Pro Bundle.

Facial expression is from Superexpressions Mix and Match Expressions for Karen 7.

Lighting and camera setup came with Anjou Hair.

Get 4 additional texture sets for the outfit in the Eternal Outfit Textures product.

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