Genesis 3 Female: Gia 7

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Gia 7 for Genesis 3 Female has a powerful, athletic and strong physique. She comes with 6 makeup options and 4 eye color options.

She is wearing the Giddy Up for Genesis 3 Female(s) outfit. It is a sexy 4 piece cowgirl outfit that comes with the Hat, Shirt, Shorts and Boots.

The hair under the cowgirl hat is Ireland Hair for Genesis 3 Female(s). It comes with 14 color options (Black, Blonde, Blonde Dark, Brown, Brown Dark, Brown Light, Purple, Orange-Red, Green-Blue, Red-Orange, Platinum, Auburn, Red, and Strawberry Blonde).

Pose is from DA Confident Poses for Gia 7, but was slightly modified to raise the right hand up to hold the brim of the hat.

All of the above items are available in the Gia 7 Starter Bundle and in the Gia 7 Pro Bundle.

Lighting and camera setup came with Geneva Hair, which is also available in the Gia 7 Pro Bundle.

Facial expression is from Victoria 7 Extreme Expressions.

Get 4 additional texture sets for the outfit in the Giddy Up Textures product.

On another note, the hair fits under the hat fairly well, but there is some poke through behind the brim. If a render were taken from an angle above the hat, the hair poke through would be seen. This would either need to be fixed in post-work or by using a product like Hat and Hair Helper Genesis 3.

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