Genesis 3 Female: Amaya

Amaya is an exotic beauty ready to race down at the roller rink in her Derby Girl for Genesis 3 Female(s) outfit. She comes with detailed skin crafted on the Genesis 3 Base UV set and custom sculpted HD head and body morphs built off Girl 7 shape for Genesis 3 Female. Amaya comes with 7 makeups with thick and thin liner, 7 matching lip colors and 6 eye colors. The outfit comes with 5 different texture sets that you can mix and match.

The hair under the helmet is Tinkerbell Hair. It comes with 12 color options (Black, Blonde, Blonde Dark, Brown, Purple, Orange Red, Green, Red Orange, Platinum, Auburn, Rusty, and Pink). Some post-work was required to remove the hair from sticking through the helmet (need to figure out if there is a better way in Daz Studio…). Character pose is from the DA Petite Amie Poses for Girl 7.

All of the above items are available in the The Girl 7 Starter Bundle and in the The Girl 7 Pro Bundle.

Facial expression is from Superexpressions Mix and Match Expressions for Karen 7.

Lighting and camera setup came with Anjou Hair.

Update: Found a few work arounds for the hair under the helmet issue. One is a product called Hat and Hair Helper Genesis 3. More advice on the forum: How to Fit A Hat Over Hair.

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