Genesis 2 Female: Shaneka

This image is free for you to use for your own character images, games, or media.

These ladies are both FW Shaneka HD for Monique 6 for the Genesis 2 Female model. She comes with 6 eye, 6 lip, 5 nail, and 10 make-up options.

They are wearing the Tribal Dancer for Genesis 2 Female(s) outfit. It comes with a top, skirt, neck-ring, mask, earrings, and staff.

Hair style is called Omri Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s). It comes with 15 color options and the scene lighting setup used for this render.

Poses are from the Ma Belle Poses for Monique 6 set, with some adjustments to the arm and hand positions.

Facial expression created from a combination of poses that come with the Live Emotions for Monique 6 product.

All of the above items are also available in the Monique 6 Pro Bundle. All items, except the outfit, are available in the  Monique 6 Starter Bundle as well.

There are 4 additional textures sets for the outfit in the Swamp Witch Textures product (Not Owned).

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