Genesis 2 Female: Monique 6

This image is free for you to use for your own character images, games, or media.

This is Monique 6 for the Genesis 2 Female model. She comes with 4 eye color and 5 make-up options.

She is wearing the Swamp Witch for Genesis 2 Female(s) outfit. It comes with a top, skirt, necklace, and belt.

Facial expression created from a combination of poses that come with the Live Emotions for Monique 6 product.

All of the above items are also available in the Monique 6 Pro Bundle. Character is available in the  Monique 6 Starter Bundle as well.

Hair style is called Allessa Hair. It comes with 8 color options (Auburn, Black, Blonde, Brown, Brown Dark, Orange-Red, Platinum, and Red-Orange).

Pose is from the DM’s Queen’s Chamber Poses set, with some adjustments to the right arms position. The pose set is available in the Queen’s Chamber Bundle as well.

There are 4 additional textures sets for the outfit in the Swamp Witch Textures product (Not Owned).

No scene lighting used. Lighting is provided by the Auto headlamp under the Render Settings. This can be set to be “Automatically turned on when no scene lighting” or set to “Never”.

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