Genesis 2 Female: Mayuree

This image is free for you to use for your own character images, games, or media.

This is FWF Mayuree HD for Mei Lin 6 for the Genesis 2 Female model. She comes with 6 eye color, 13 make-up, 14 lip, 7 nail, and a couple of tattoo options.

She is wearing the Cherry Blossom Dress for Genesis 2 Female(s) outfit. It comes with a dress, shoes, and fan.

Hair style is called Choko Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s). It comes with 12 color options.

Pose is from the Mei Lin 6 Battle Fan Pose Set set. A battle fan comes with this set as well. It can be opened and closed unlike the one that come with the outfit.

Scene lighting comes with FWF Mayuree HD for Mei Lin 6.

All of the above items  are also available in the Mei Lin 6 Pro Bundle. Character is also available in the  Mei Lin 6 Starter Bundle.

Facial expression was created using the Expression Builder for G2F, which is a FREE product over at Renderosity.

There are 4 additional textures sets for the outfit in the Kyoko for Kazumi product (Not Owned).

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