Celebrate The New Year (2017) With A Massive RAWART Sale

The image above was created/rendered by Daz3d artists, not Rendory.


RawArt is celebrating New Year 2017 with a massive sale on their products at Daz3D. Get 60% off most Genesis 2 and Genesis 3 items including the brand new items EleBeast for Genesis 3 Male and Anicinabe for Genesis 3 Female (see website for details and exclusions). Genesis items from RawArt are 70% off. Also save 10% on gift cards when you buy any item from RawArt.


RawArt is one of my favorite vendors and I have over 70 products from them. They have a lot of monsters, creatures, and anthropomorphic animals. So if you need a mummy, Godzilla, wolfmen, zombies, demons, lizardmen, apemen, or gargoyles, be sure to take a look.



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